We microroast sustainably sourced, specialty coffee beans in our Maineville, Ohio backyard, roasting weekly for optimal freshness and flavor. Our beans are always of the highest quality, are sourced ethically from small farms throughout the world, and are roasted artfully to reflect their distinct flavor profiles of origin. We are dedicated to bringing you GOOD coffee!

Each batch is part of a unique journey that has transformed the beans from seeds in the ground to the smooth, delicious flavors you will experience in your cup—a story that involves care for and investment in the farmers involved in the process. We are committed to passing on each coffee’s story to you: connecting you to the people, the places, and the processes that have brought this beautiful coffee to your cup.

Your enjoyment of this coffee is the final leg of the journey. You complete the story! And with all the care that goes into these beans, we guarantee a happy ending.

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