Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike, roasted perfectly and looking great in a mug on my kitchen floor! ?

Hi everyone! First of all, thanks so much for joining the story of The Backyard Beanery! Here’s a little summary of how things will work when we launch in April:

I will feature a different single origin coffee each month, from a specific farm. Starting out, I will roast 50-100 pounds of that coffee on a specific date each month. Roasting date will be announced a few weeks prior to the roasting time, and at that time you can preorder to ensure that you get in on that month’s offerings! Once the coffee has sold for that month, it’s gone! So pre-ordering is definitely the best option if you want to get in on each month’s roast. I will announce monthly offerings and updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I will also be offering subscription memberships, called the Farm to Cup Club, in which you can pre-order 3 or 6 months at a time. As a member of the Farm to Cup Club, you would automatically receive a pound of beans each month for 3 or 6 months. This also makes a great gift idea!

Today I’m roasting Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike for a special event I’m helping with tomorrow. It is so so SO good. I wish you were all here to sample some!

Coffee farmers at Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike combing through the recently dried green coffee beans. (Photo used by permission from my green coffee supplier.)

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