Today it is snowing in my backyard, making a nice backdrop for these beans that I roasted yesterday (when it was cold, but thankfully not snowing!)

This coffee is a peaberry coffee from Rwanda, called “Milles Collines,” meaning “the land of 1000 hills.” The cooperatives who contributed to this blend are situated in the villages at the tops of some of these “collines,” affording access to the higher elevation coffees and offering ease of delivery for these coffee farm members.

Peaberries are smaller, round beans, an abnormality that happens when only one of the two coffee seeds inside a coffee cherry germinates and matures inside the cherry as a small, rounded seed.

I just sampled this in the cup. At a medium roast, this coffee is spicy and sweet!

The Backyard Beanery website is coming along (thanks to my wonderfully techie husband), our new custom-made roaster is being finished up, and we are still on target for launching in April! Stay tuned for info on our first month’s roast and how to pre-order!

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