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      Coffee Maker Product , Farmer's Market Offering

      Logo Stainless Travel Mug

      We are pretty picky about travel mugs, and this one is our absolute favorite!

      16 oz stainless mug with gray matte finish and cork bottom. Keeps hot liquids hot (and cold liquids cold) for seven hours! Super lightweight, sleek and fits into most cup holders. Handwash only.

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      Flavor notes: cranberry, plum, citrus

      Yes, it’s true. This is tea made from coffee! And, you can snack on it too!

      Rich in both caffeine and loaded with antioxidants, the consumption of cascara (otherwise referred to as “Qishr”) predates the consumption of roasted and brewed coffee on the Arabian peninsula. Spanish for “husk,” Cascara is the dried fruit of a coffee cherry. …

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      Coffee Maker Product

      Logo Ceramic Mug

      12-oz black ceramic mug stamped with our logo. Perfect for your morning cup of Backyard Beanery coffee!