A portion of our bean sales from the month of May contributed to the sponsorship of Alexia Pamela, a 19-year-old student who is a part of the Hope Program at Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico. In Monterrey last week, I had the opportunity to see the Hope Program in action–to meet some of the students involved and to see first hand the impact this program has!

Through the Hope Program, Back2Back offers orphans and vulnerable children an opportunity to pursue their educational goals. Living in a family style setting, students are mentored, supported through scholarships and tutoring, and encouraged to pursue their dreams. With the goal of becoming self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community, children who are educated are more likely to become leaders of tomorrow, forever shaping the direction of their country. As a result of the emphasis on education, students have graduated with degrees in law, nursing, graphic design, culinary arts, education, architecture and business. Post-graduation, many of the children we serve return to their community to invest in and mentor children who are in the same vulnerable situation they were once in, giving hope that they, too, can break free from the grip of poverty.

Alexia is in need of an ongoing sponsor. Message me if you’re interested, or find out more here: http://donations.back2back.org/Child-Sponsorship/

Thank you for buying our beans and making a difference. Every cup counts!

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