Introducing December’s beans, our first Special Reserve coffee!

Coming from Flores, an exotic island in the Eastern half of Indonesia, this coffee is harder to come by than some of our other offerings because its from one of the newest coffee-producing regions in Indonesia. The island boasts impressive underwater gardens, rugged terrain, and numerous volcanoes, both active and inactive. Ashes from past eruptions on the island have created an especially fertile land, and the highly porous, dark-colored soils are ideal for organic coffee production.

This lot of beans was processed by an all female-run cooperative, the result of a coordinated effort to unite coffee growers from neighboring villages. The flavor notes in this coffee resemble spicy baked goods, with more chocolate undertones in the medium-dark roast range. The perfect holiday coffee! We have a limited amount available so order yours today!

Flores Waja Mala special reserve coffee
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