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      Flavor notes: dark chocolate, walnut, dried fruit, tobacco

      Formerly known as Celebes, coffee was introduced into Sulawesi centuries ago by the Dutch East India Company when Indonesia was under Dutch control. The first Typica plants arrived, as coffee production spread throughout Java and Sumatra.

      Our Toraja Grade 1 Sulawesi coffee comes from various smallholders. The cherries were double-picked, to remove any physical …

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      A smooth medium roast with tasting notes of chocolate, nuts, brown sugar & raisin.

      Look no further for the perfect decaf coffee! This sweet, chocolaty decaf was sourced from RFA certified smallholders across Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, which collectively was known as El Viejo Caldas. This lot was decaffeinated in Colombia using an organic compound derived from sugarcane to remove …

    • Beans of the Month , Farmer's Market Offering


      A deep medium roast with flavor notes of creamy chocolate, brown sugar, spice, & berry.

      We love offering you single origin coffees from around the world. But we also understand that you may not want every cup of coffee to be an adventure! Like lounging in your backyard on a beautiful summer night, maybe you want a cup of …