Flavor notes: dark chocolate, walnut, granola, raisin

We are thrilled to introduce to you our first coffee from our favorite origin: Sulawesi!

Sulawesi coffee, when processed well, is among the best of the Indonesian coffees.  Grown at altitudes unheard of on other Indonesian islands, coffees from Sulawesi tend to be earthy and rustic with delightful sweetness. The heart of coffee production in Sulawesi is the fascinating region of Tana Toraja. Toraja is named for the people of the area, heralded in the past as fierce warriors with an elaborately rich set of cultural traditions.

Our Toraja Grade 1 Sulawesi coffee comes from various smallholders. The cherries were double-picked, to remove any physical defects. The additional quality control practice ensures that only ripe red cherries are used. The coffee was then processed using the wet-hulled method (locally called “Giling Basah”), in the same way as other Indonesian coffees. This process helped to give the coffee its classic Sulawesi characteristics. Expect a balanced cup with low acidity accompanied by flavors of dark chocolate, walnut, granola, and raisin.

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