Flavor notes: cherry, caramel, cocoa, red apple

Coffee farming in this region truly “takes a village.” In the Qechua language, minca refers to a bond between producers. While they’ll hire help for the harvest, during the years the farmers depend on their neighbors, which significantly lowers their labor costs. Groups will travel from farm to farm, accomplishing what needs to be done before moving on to the next farm. This idea of caring for the whole is minca.

Further, almost every producer who contributed to this lot of beans was victim of a dark chapter in Peruvian history. During the 1980’s and early 90’s, terrorist groups massacred coffee farmers in this region and kept farms from progressing for more than a decade. Many lost their homes and farms, but they survived and fought to keep their lands. Minca is a sign of their unity and perseverance.

At the farms, these beans were produced with the wet-processed (washed) method and result in a heavy body and mild acidity. The fruity sweet flavor notes are perfect!

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Recommended roast level for this coffee: medium

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