Flavor notes: red currant, brown spice, caramel

Producers in the Kilimanjaro region process their coffee cherries at home. They de-pulp the cherry with hand-cranked machines and then wash and ferment the beans in buckets. Next, they dry the beans on raised beds or floormats, and finally they deliver the parchment to the Rafiki mill for hulling and grading.

Peaberry is a grade indicating the small size of the beans. Peaberries are the result of a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside it’s cherry, occurring in less about 5% of the world’s coffee. Normally two flat beans form inside a coffee cherry, flat against each other like two peanut halves. When only one seed forms, the bean is rounder and denser and believed to be more sweet and flavorful as a result.

Get the rest of the story behind these beans with your order! Each bag comes with a card passing onto you photos and information about that specific batch of beans: the people, places and processes involved in bringing this special coffee to your doorstep. Our beans are all carefully selected, ethically sourced, and roasted artfully to reflect the unique flavor characteristics of origin.

*Orders are custom-roasted the Monday after you order and shipped out the following day.

Recommended roast level for this coffee: medium

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