Flavor notes: rich chocolate, roasted peanuts, brown sugar

Peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation found in coffee varieties in which only one bean is present inside of the coffee cherry instead of two. The result? A smaller, rounder, denser bean than its two-seeded counterparts. And because they take on all the flavor of the coffee cherry and don’t “share” it with another half, peaberries are known to be slightly sweeter and more flavorful.

This coffee was produced in the Planalto da Bahia region of Brazil, an area specialized and known for its fully washed production done via fermentation tanks. This process, combined with a unique terroir and special post-harvestĀ  process, results in a remarkable sensorial experience.

In the cup, expect extremely smooth light body and medium acidity with sweet notes of peanuts and chocolate. A perfect Brazilian coffee!

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