Flavor notes: cranberry, plum, citrus

Yes, it’s true. This is tea made from coffee! And, you can snack on it too!

Rich in both caffeine and loaded with antioxidants, the consumption of cascara (otherwise referred to as “Qishr”) predates the consumption of roasted and brewed coffee on the Arabian peninsula. Spanish for “husk,” Cascara is the dried fruit of a coffee cherry. Once separated from the coffee seed, ripe coffee cherries are oven-dehydrated to preserve their flavors as well as kill any unwanted bacteria. The resulting product comes in the form of a completely edible, dried fruit ideal for steeping like a tea. Excellent hot or cold! Each 4 oz bag comes with an information card including brewing instructions.

Brewing instructions:

Hot: Use a heaping tablespoon of cascara for every 8 oz of boiling water. Add honey, ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon if desired.

Cold: Use 6 tablespoons of tea for every 10 oz of cold water. Place tea in water and let stand in fridge for 24 hours. Strain and enjoy!

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