A smooth medium roast with tasting notes of chocolate, nuts, brown sugar & raisin.

Look no further for the perfect decaf coffee! This sweet, chocolaty decaf was sourced from RFA certified smallholders across Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, which collectively was known as El Viejo Caldas. This lot was decaffeinated in Colombia using an organic compound derived from sugarcane to remove 97% of the caffeine from coffee beans. The process tends to leave a pleasantly sugary flavor.

In the cup, this coffee is balanced, smooth, and crisp. Expect medium body, medium acidity, and tasting notes of chocolate, nuts, brown sugar, and raisin. We roast this one at a perfect medium roast to bring out the best characteristics this coffee has to offer. It makes a great everyday decaf and it’s great for mixing with other coffees (for all the half-caf people out there)! Unlike our other rotating single origin coffees, we plan on keeping this one in stock for your enjoyment.

*Generally, orders are roasted the following Monday and shipped out (or available for pickup) the next day.

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