Flavor notes: orange zest, brown spice, caramel

Kenya is world renowned for excellent coffee, and this particular lot is pretty perfect. Mt. Kenya’s southern slopes are home to thousands of small coffee shambas, or gardens. Shambas are nurtured by smallholder farmers, who deliver freshly picked, ripe cherries to their cooperative pulping factories. This coffee, crafted from smallholder farmers in Embu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties, epitomizes a great Kenyan coffee. Perfection in a cup!

Get the rest of the story behind these beans with your order! Each bag comes with a card passing onto you photos and information about that specific batch of beans: the people, places and processes involved in bringing this special coffee to your doorstep. Our beans are all carefully selected, ethically sourced, and roasted artfully to reflect the unique flavor characteristics of origin.

*All orders are roasted the following Monday and shipped out via Priority Mail the day after roasting.

Recommended roast level for this coffee: medium

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