Flavor notes: earthy, pipe tobacco, dried plum, green pepper

Coffee has old roots in Java, stemming from the early 1700s when Yemeni coffee seedlings arrived in Indonesia via trade with India. The Dutch East India Company propelled both coffee production and trade between Java and Europe, cementing Java’s legendary status as the first origin to widely cultivate coffee outside of Ethiopia and Arabia.

This lot was sourced from smallholders in Java. It was processed using the wet-hulled (giling basah) method, the traditional and most common way of processing coffee in Indonesia. The popularity of giling basah can be traced back to the economics of coffee production. The process begins when ripe red cherry is harvested and depulped on hand-cranked or mechanical pulpers. The coffee is fermented overnight (in vessels such as tanks, buckets, and bags) and washed with clean water the following morning. The green coffee is then sun-dried for between 12 hours to two days, to facilitate the removal of parchment. When the moisture content reaches 30-40% the coffee is delivered to a processor for wet hulling. After processing, the pale coffee seed is laid out to dry on tarps or patios, until the moisture level reaches 14-15%. Exporters generally finish the drying process, bringing the moisture level down to 12-13%.

The results in the cup are earthy and exquisite! Enjoy a medium body, medium acidity and tasting notes of pipe tobacco, dried plum, and green pepper. 

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