Flavor notes: caramel, cane sugar, green tea, grape

If you’ve never tried coffee from Papua New Guinea, you should! North of Australia, Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. It’s within the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” situated on overlapping tectonic plates, and has active volcanoes. PNG is one of the most environmentally and culturally diverse places in the world–852 known languages are spoken there and more than 7 million people live on land owned by indigenous communities.

This coffee was produced in the Jiwaka Province, bordering Mount Wilhelm, the country’s tallest mountain. The Jiwaka Province is the second-highest coffee producing area in the country. This lot of beans was picked and sorted at the farm, washed and sun dried at the Kiam Mill and then transported to a nearby processing mill where it was hulled for shipment.

These beans brew a sweet cup with a medium body and flavor notes of green tea, cane sugar, and dark fruit.

Recommended roast level for this coffee: medium

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