Flavor notes: honeysuckle, lemon, floral

Widely considered the birthplace of coffee, Yirgacheffe is a micro-region in Sidama, Ethiopia’s leading coffee-producing region. Its lush climate and mountainous topography are ideal for producing some of the finest Arabica coffees—fruity and floral, bright and balanced.

The region is common for “garden coffee” production, where smallholder farmers grow fruits and vegetables alongside coffee, which is their primary cash crop. Most of the coffee grown in smaller plots of land are farmed organically, though not certified as such.

Yirgacheffe beans are bright and beautiful, true gems in the coffee world! Ideal for both hot and cold brews, the distinctive floral notes really pop out at a light or medium roast. For this washed coffee, expect a mellow cup with a medium body and bright acidity amongst undertones of honeysuckle, lemon, and floral.

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