Flavor notes: velvety chocolate, macadamia, nutella, raisin

We are excited to bring you this special reserve coffee from Java!

The Frinsa Estate is a family run farm and export company in the Pangalengan, Bandung highlands region of West Java. This part of West Java is widely planted with tea, but is also the first region growing coffee after being brought over by Dutch colonists. Ran by Wildan Mustofa, the Frinsa farm was set up in 2011 and produces both fully washed and wet hulled process types. These beans are fully washed (also known as wet processed).  Frinsa Estate has its own wet mill, dry mill and warehouse storage facilities and they are able to monitor quality control from the initial cherry harvesting all the way down to sorting defects from processed green beans. 

What makes this coffee so special? The cup is very chocolaty at a dark roast with an unexpected lemon/citrus twist. The medium roast offers flavors of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, Nutella spread, roasted cacao nibs, raisin and a black tea with lemon accent that helps to underscore Frinsa’s moderate acidity level. This washed lot from Frinsa makes an absolutely killer espresso shot, weaving a web of chocolate roast flavors that lead to a deliciously bittersweet shot with a slight lemony tang.

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