Flavor notes: pipe tobacco, brown sugar, pine, citrus

This wet-hulled lot comes from the Koperasi cooperation of small farmers in the Aceh Tengah region of Sumatra. The farms involved in this coop share a dedication to organic farming. Their farms, located at around 1450masl, are certified Fairtrade organic and only utilize natural fertilizers such as coffee husks and cow manure to enrich their coffee crops. This ensures soil fertility and longevity.

Sumatra coffee production has a long history, extending to the 17th century when the Dutch East India Company imported coffee plants to Indonesia. Sumatra is home to a wide range of tropical flora, fauna, and microclimates. The wet-hulled coffee process, locally known as Giling Basah, is the processing method of choice in Indonesia due to the humid climate. The wet-hulled process has become synonymous with Indonesian coffees and contributes to its unique cup profile. In this process, coffee cherries are generally depulped at the farm level using hand-cranked machines. The cherries are then fermented overnight to help break down the mucilage, which is subsequently washed off. Afterwards, the coffee is quick-dried to 30-50% moisture and dried to between 11%-13% as it makes its way through the supply chain into an exporter’s mill.

This coffee’s cup profile is delightfully earthy and balanced! Experience a medium body, medium acidity and tasting notes of pipe tobacco, brown sugar, pine and citrus.

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