Flavor notes: black currant, raspberry, passion fruit, tea-like

In Tanzania, Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) manage 95% of the country’s coffee production. Smallholders must be registered to an AMCOS to qualify for support in production, processing, storage, transport, marketing, and government aid. Without membership, their raw coffee would have no way of reaching the global market.

This washed lot of peaberry coffee comes from the Hezya AMCOS in the Mbozi region of Tanzania. The Hezya AMCOS started out with just 50 smallholder coffee growers. Thanks to strong leadership that supplies agronomic inputs and small loans, the AMCOS quickly grew to its current force of 295 members across the Haraka, Hezya, and Izumbi villages.

Peaberry coffee is a coveted, naturally occurring mutation found in coffee varieties where only one bean is present inside of the coffee cherry instead of two. The result? A smaller, rounder, denser bean which is also sweeter and more flavorful. In the cup, this coffee at a dark roast boasts a medium body, bright acidity and syrupy sweet undertones of chocolate, black currant, raspberry, passion fruit and black tea.

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