June’s beans are now available for preorder on our website!

This lot of beans comes from a coop in Rwanda made up of small family farms. High-quality coffee production in Rwanda has a complex story behind it, woven with the threads of tragedy and hope as the industry has grown in quality and investment since the genocidal civil war of the 1990’s. This particular coop uses some interesting processing methods as well, giving these beans an even more unique story. The shining flavors at full city roast are raw sugar, spiced orange, and dried peach. This coffee is really, really good!

You can read more of this coffee’s story on our website, and you’ll get the full story behind these beans when you order.

I’m roasting a week early for June because of some traveling I’m doing. Roasting date is May 30th and beans will ship out May 31, so they will arrive to you within the first few days of June! Order soon before they’re gone!

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